Celebrating 5,000 square metres

Gronau. A truck can be a decorative divider and a hall full of high rise racks a comfy place for an elegant dinner.  This was the case on Friday evening: Hamacher Logistik GmbH celebrated construction of its new hall, around 160 guests from politics, business and employees were there to participate. The new extension in the Marie Curie Strasse was not the only reason for the celebration a day ahead of the European election, but also the continued success story in Europe. In his opening speech, managing director Lothar Petzold outlined the dimensions of the new hall. With a size of 5,000 square metres and a height of 8,5 meters, the hall has enough high-rack space for 6,000 pallets  and additional free space for block storage, picking and promotion campaigns.

In addition, the hall has a separate, 1,800 square metre large area for storing water hazard class 1 materials (e.g. paint). Serving both as a show-piece and a divider, a semi trailer especially developed for Hamacher's beverage logistics business was there to be seen in the hall on Friday evening. Hamacher Logistik GmbH, based in Gronau, meanwhile has 223 full-time employees. In addition, 30 subcontractors drive for the company. The company with the winged tires in its emblem has offices in Passau, in three cities in The Netherlands and in the Polish town of Pniewy, as Petzold noted with pride. Hamacher owes its success to its partners Klaus Matschke and Christian Schorr. In view of the company's positive development, which „started well in 2009despite the global crisis and the tense situation in all areas of the transport and logistics sector,“ mayor Karl-Heinz Holtwisch found words of praise for Hamacher: „companies with solid growth such as yours are a benefit to any town. Wilfried Seifert of the Volksbank Gronau Ahaus agreed with him.

He named the development of the logistics company a fine example of regional business development in North Rhine-Westphalia and wished the company all the best for the future. After the speeches, guests in the festively decorated hall – with the decorations in Hamacher's company colours brown and white – were able to enjoy a Westphalian buffet and a live band.

9. Juni 2009 – Westfälische Nachrichten