Welcome to Hamacher Logistik

Welcome to the website of Hamacher Logistik GmbH, Gronau.


[09.09.2013] Since 26/10/2012, Hamacher Logistik GmbH is an authorised economic operator (AEO).

Companies based in the EU can apply for this status. It is granted if a company is engaged in custom processes and can fulfill certain conditions and criteria. These include customs compliance, appropriate record-keeping, financial solvency and, where relevant, appropriate security and safety standards.

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[17.07.2013] Successful recertification

For us as a company, it is highly important to meet our own goals in terms of quality. Our headquarters in Gronau successfully passed a recertification audit by DEKRA Certification GmbH for the areas "system-controlled part-load traffic", "part-loads and full loads" and "warehouse logistics" on 21. and 22. March 2013. Our quality demands have thus again been affirmed by the certification of our quality management system with DIN ISO 9001:2008. The certificate is valid until 27.03.2016 and can be found here.

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[10.04.2013] Website available in English

Gronau. The website of Hamacher Logistik GmbH is now available in both English and German.  auch zweisprachig online. Detailed information on the comprehensive range of services of the medium-sized logistics company based in Gronau is presented on the redesigned website. The website's content will be expanded step by step. All information will shortly be available in Dutch and Polish.

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[04.03.2013] Hamacher expands logistics space

After five months of construction, Hamacher Logistik GmbH was able to put its news "logistics centre 5" into operation at the turn of the year.

A further 4.500 square metres of shelf space  and additional 2.500 square metres of open space for additional logistical activities are now available. The new logistics centre has four separate loading ramps and is wirelessly networked, enabling paperless handling of all warehousing processes.

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[09.06.2009] Celebrating 5,000 square metres

Gronau. A truck can be a decorative divider and a hall full of high rise racks a comfy place for an elegant dinner.  This was the case on Friday evening: Hamacher Logistik GmbH celebrated construction of its new hall, around 160 guests from politics, business and employees were there to participate. The new extension in the Marie Curie Strasse was not the only reason for the celebration a day ahead of the European election, but also the continued success story in Europe. In his opening speech, managing director Lothar Petzold outlined the dimensions of the new hall.

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